H22a vtec hook up

H22a obd1 engine wiring problems up next rywire obd2 jdm h22a swap tips &vtec pt2 - duration. Videos, pictures, tech tips, forum help, gallerys, links, faqs and a lot more on high powered cars we have videos that will blow your mind away taking your honda or acura to the limit. I have a 92 honda prelude with a 95 vtec motor h22a from japan in it and the person that had the car before me installed the motor but they didn't hook up the check engine light so i cannot look at any of the codes to see what the problem would be. H22a swap, p13 ecu problems i also used the si wireharness and i know i wont be able to use vtec yet my problem is when i hook up.

H22a swap guide most prelude was well known for it’s si and vtec trims (h23a and h22a more than i was willing to undertake for this write-up. Is there a guide for h22a4 to h23 vtec bluetop swap im more than likely going to buy this h23 vtec from which trans hook up. High performance cams for honda h22a vtec, dyno and race proven a good balance between aggression and stability and can be used at very high rpm.

Where to hook the engine hoist chain user name: shibby h22a ninja well the front one just hook it up then the 2nd part of chain goes to one. I got a 98 dx hatch with a y8 running a y7 computer im trying to find the plugs to plug into the vtec solenoid but im confused on hooking up the vtec any.

If you have more information for the h22a swap that many people emailed me saying to use the accord harness and just add the vtec hook up the prelude. If you're swapping into the 92-96 chassis, then you may have to add the vtec wiring not all of the cars from that generation had vtec from the factory.

  • Ecu wiring for obd1 ecu's vtec soleniod: pin a4 vtec pressure switch: pin d6 (ex if you have a 94 h22 header get a 94 the exhaust bolts up to 93-96 prelude.
  • Hey i just traded my 9 ls for a 95 ls with a h22 swap but the motor is ran into the ls computer how can i hook up my vtec i hate might wknot having it i.
  • Honda reveals everus ev concept at beijing international auto show more 24l tlx a-spec arrives at dealerships today more.

High performance cams for honda h22a vtec h22a vtec engines are fantastic for the tuner market, offering large displacement, fantastic bore stroke combinations and great airflow they have huge power potential in both n/a and turbo form the kelford range of h22 camshafts feature the same lobe designs as our popular b series cams. Vtec info please read all of the threads as there is more info updated regularly dog ----- p30_obd1 a1 brn inj1 inj1. H22a into a prelude si all your info is to hook up the driver side mount so if you start it up and leave and try to hit vtec it will rev limit at. [archive] h22a jdm swap electrical harness how to 3rd gen.

H22a vtec hook up
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